Online Workshop – A3.3 Capacity Building Training and Consultancy Sessions for Management and Academic staff

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On the 4th and 5th of April IBC-M hosted an online institutional workshop within the framework of the STAND project, the activity 3.3 Capacity Building Training and Consultancy Sessions for Management and Academic staff.

The sessions on the first day started with Prof. Dr. Mihone Kerolli presenting the aims of the workshop and workshop methodology. Based on the knowledge gained from Workshops with Program country institutions for adoption of best practices on University Governance, IBC-M staff presented best practices covering the set of 4 dimensions:

  • Organizational autonomy (covering academic and administrative structures, leadership and governance)
  • Financial autonomy (covering the ability to raise funds, own buildings, borrow money and set tuition fees)
  • Academic autonomy (including study fields, student numbers, student selection as well as the structure and content of degrees)
  • Staffing (including the ability to recruit independently, promote and develop academic and non-academic staff)

Mr. Bujar Gallopeni presented the best practices of organizational dimension, the IBCM future model.

Prof. Mihone Kerolli and Mr. Rinor Qehaja presented the best practices of organizational financial

dimension and options for the future IBC-M model.

Prof. Jelena Djokic presented the best practices of the academic and staffing dimension.

The workshop ended with a discussion among all participants about what IBC-M future model should look like concerning the above-mentioned dimensions.

The next day started with presenting and planning upcoming activities of the STAND projects. Participants were informed that the implementation of WP4. Upgrade of national and university regulations is about to start. They were informed about the aim of the upcoming work package which aims for all the partners prom partner countries to prepare a set of updated regulations, statutes and other documents using previous experiences and the subjects that were already well-developed with the newly gained experience in the previous project phases, workshops and study visits. Preparations for the first workshop on University Autonomy Regulations were discussed.

The two-day workshop ended with a discussion on the draft of the institutional governance model for the future IBC-M.

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