Roundtable Presenting Report on University Autonomy Scorecard

Roundtable Presenting Report on University Autonomy Scorecard

        On Thursday, December 9th, the University of Prishtina hosted the roundtable to present and discuss the scorecard assessment report for University Autonomy in Kosovo. The event was opened by greeting remarks of the University of Prishtina rector, prof. Dr. Naser Sahiti who thanked the partners for their commitment and contribution to this project, saying that the University of Prishtina will further advance the processes and mechanisms of university autonomy in Kosovo. “University autonomy is not only a privilege but above all a responsibility for building management capacities to ensure efficient, transparent, and adequate accountability concerning all developments within the

university. In this context, we consider the STAND project as very important for the development and further advancement of higher education institutions in Kosovo in terms of the development of a sustainable scheme of efficient and autonomous functioning of higher education; such schemes have not been developed in any of the Western Balkan countries, that are part of the current project, “said
Rector Sahiti.

 The Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Mrs. Arbërie Nagavci, said that they expect full commitment to this project from universities and institutions of higher education and that the Ministry will support Kosovo HEI’s throughout the project implementation. Minister also said that she expects from Kosovo HEIs to be fully transparent and accountable in using a budget and public funds.

STAND is a project co-financed by the Erasmus+ program and the European Union. The representative from the EU Office in Kosovo, Mr. Stergios Tragoudas, Manager for Development Program in Education and Human Resources, also spoke about the project and the EU support in this partnership.

The Vice Rector for International Cooperation at the University of Prishtina, prof. assoc. dr. Albulena Blakaj, who is also the coordinator of University of Prishtina in this project, added that UP, as a partner in this project, among others, has a leading role in particular in the 2nd work package, which deals with the development of university autonomy scorecard assessment, precisely in drafting the University Autonomy Scorecard Assessment, presented today.

Prof. dr. Mihone Kerolli, from International Business College Mitrovica, IBC-M, in the capacity of coordinator of the STAND project, said that the report presented today, which is the state of university autonomy, is developing at a time when reforms in higher education are taking place.

The roundtable discussion ensued throughout the presentation of the University Scorecard Assessment Report for Kosovo by professor Bujar Gallopeni and professor Avdulla Alija. 

This roundtable was held to verify the validity of the evaluation process between Kosovo universities (and other invited non-partner

universities) and the Kosovo Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (MEST). The STAND project aims to improve the processes and mechanisms of autonomy in universities by increasing the managerial, accountable, and transparent capacities in the universities in the Western Balkans (Kosovo, Macedonia, and Albania).


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