Other outcomes – implemented preparatory activities; ensured quality assurance and secured effective project management should lead to all five specific objectives, and correspond to WP1 – Preparation, WP6 – Quality Assurance and WP8 – Management.

Key milestones on this project will be:

M1 – the scorecard methodology development by March 2021 (WP1.3);

M2 – development of university scorecards and action plans by October 2021 (WP2.1 and WP2.4);

M3 – workshops on university scorecards by July 2021 (WP2.3);

M4 – workshops with Program country institutions for adoption best practices on University Governance by October 2021 (WP3.1);

M5 – experts network created by December 2021 (WP3.2);

M6 – capacity building training and consultancy sessions for management staff by December 2021 (WP3.3);
M7 -workshops on University Autonomy Regulations by June 2022 (WP 4.1);
M8 – conference on university autonomy and transparency by June 2023 (WP 7.5).

  WP (tasks) DescriptionFromToStatusLeadParticipantsLocation
 WP1Initiation of project implementation
Y1A1.1Organization of the kick-off meeting03.03.202103.03.2021CompletedIBC-MAllIBC-M
Y1A1.2Organization of the workshop on project management04.03.202105.03.2021CompletedIBC-MAllIBC-M
Y1A1.3Adaption of methodology for University Autonomy Scorecard in WB partners03.05.202104.05.2021CompletedEUAWB PartnersPOLIS
 WP2Development of University Autonomy Scorecards
Y1A2.1University Autonomy Scorecard Assessment in partner countries

Data collection and processing

10.05.202115.07.2021CompletedEUAWB Partners
Y1A2.2Three national assessment reports of University Autonomy15.07.202130.10.2021CompletedEUAWB Partners+ Ministries

IBC-M: Kosovo Report;

POLIS: Albania Report;

UOM: Montenegro Report;

3 workshops: IBC-M, POLIS and UOM
Y1A2.3Roundtables to present the Assessment report30.11.202130.11.2021CompletedEUAWB Partners3 workshops: IBC-M, POLIS and UOM
Y1A2.4Development of Action Plan and strategy to enhance University Autonomy01.12.202122.02.2022PlannedEUAWB PartnersWorking Groups Meetings ( at least 2 meetings per country):

UP: Kosovo

POLIS: Albania

UOM: Montenegro

 WP3Enhancement of university governance for promoting autonomy
Y1A3.1Workshops with Program country institutions for adoption best practices on University Governance
Y1WSH.1Workshop in Germany (financial autonomy)15.06.202115.06.2021CompletedTUHHWB PartnersTUHH
Y1WSH.2Workshop in Croatia (academic autonomy)15.07.202115.07.2021CompletedUNIZGWB PartnersUNIZG
Y1WSH.3Workshop in Italy (staffing autonomy/university governance)15.09.202115.09.2021CompletedUNIFGWB PartnersUNIFG
Y1W.4 & 5Seminar and Workshop in North Macedonia (organizational dimension)18.05.202220.05.2022CompletedEUA, SEEUWB PartnersSEEU
Y1-3A3.2Establishing a regional expert network on university autonomy01.06.202130.12.2023OngoingIBC-MAll
Y1A3.3Capacity building training and consultancy sessions for management staff (senior and middle management) of the partner universities
Y1Workshops on Organizational dimension04.03.202204.03.2022CompletedPartner CountriesWB PartnersIBC-M, UP, UKZ, UASF, UGJFA, POLIS, UT, UAMD, UOM
Y1Workshops on Financial dimension10.11.202110.11.2021CompletedPartner CountriesWB PartnersIBC-M, UP, UKZ, UASF, UGJFA, POLIS, UT, UAMD, UOM
Y1Workshops on Academic dimension20.11.202120.11.2021CompletedPartner CountriesWB PartnersIBC-M, UP, UKZ, UASF, UGJFA, POLIS, UT, UAMD, UOM
Y1Workshops on Staffing dimension01.12.202101.12.2021CompletedPartner CountriesWB PartnersIBC-M, UP, UKZ, UASF, UGJFA, POLIS, UT, UAMD, UOM
 WP4Upgrade of national and university regulations
 A4.1Workshops on University Autonomy RegulationsOngoing
 A4.2Update of statutes of partner country HEIs to comply with new
regulations on university autonomy
 A4.3National/Regional Legal Base update/development to
strengthen university autonomy (partner countries)
 WP5Technical Infrastructure Modernization and Update
Y1A5.1University Management Software features development and procurement04.03.202130.05.2021OngoingTUHH



+ Subcontractor

WB Partners
Y1A5.2Delivery of Guidelines and Training of the use of University Management Software01.03.202130.06.2021PlannedWB PartnersAT WB Institutions by Subcontracting Company
 WP6Quality Assurance
Y1A6.1Development of the Quality Assurance Monitoring Plan15.01.202130.03.2021COMPLETED
Y1A6.2Meetings (4) of the Committee for Quality AssuranceOngoingIBC-MAll
Meeting 1 of the Committee for Quality Assurance05.06.2021
Y1A6.3Internal Quality Monitoring15.01.202114.01.2024OngoingIBC-MAll
 WP7Wider dissemination of knowledge, information and guidance
Y1A7.1Communication Strategy development15.01.202130.01.2021COMPLETEDTIUHH, UASF
Y1A7.2Project Brand and Marketing Plan development15.01.202130.02.2021COMPLETEDIBC-M
Y1A7.3Online Platform development15.01.202114.04.2021COMPLETEDIBC-M
Y1A7.4Organization of promotional events15.01.202114.01.2024OngoingAll Partners
Y1-3A8.1Project management team established project working documents drafted and adopted15.01.202114.01.2024Ongoing
Y11Main documents developed15.01.202128.02.2021Completed
Y1-3A8.2Meetings of the project team05.06.202105.11.2023Ongoing
Y1M1Meeting # 105.06.202105.06.2021Planned
Y1A8.3Project finances and administration15.01.202114.01.2024Ongoing
Y1A8.4Development and adhering to internal management procedures15.01.202114.01.2024Ongoing




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