STAND – Analysis of the State of Play Workshop

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POLIS University, Tirana, Albania, facilitated a two-day workshop (06th and 07th of May 2021) on “Analysis of the State of Play” for the Erasmus+ STAND project. The workshop/training took place at the POLIS university facilities on the outskirts of Tirana, Albania.

The concept of the workshop aimed to identify the requirements for achieving the increased autonomy of HEIs in the Western Balkans and the most critical steps that the majority of Western Balkans STAND partner HEIs need improving, such as organizational structure, appropriate institutional governance, staff professionalization, and strong leadership.

The European University Association (EUA) Director of Governance, Funding and Policy Development, Mr. Thomas Estermann, and Deputy Director Ms. Enora Bennetot Pruvot led the workshop,

providing information on best European examples in education, national frameworks, and good institutional practice of organizational, financial, staffing, and academic dimensions.

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