National Erasmus+ Office in Kosovo visit to the IBC-M

National Erasmus+ Office in Kosovo visit to the IBC-M

On 10/06/2021, as part of the monitoring visits to the Erasmus+ CBHE projects, a team of National Erasmus+ Office in Kosovo consisting of Mrs. Jehona Lushaku, Mr. Goran Lazic, and  Mrs. Blerinë Zjaça, paid a visit to the International Business College Mitrovica, a coordinator in the STAND project, “Strengthening university autonomy and increasing accountability and transparency of Western Balkans Universities,” no: 618805-EPP-1-2020-1-XK-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP.

The Erasmus+ Office in Kosovo team was introduced by prof. Mihone Kerolli Mustafa to the STAND project management team from the IBC-M and briefed on the STAND project developments, advancement made so far, and planned steps that are to be taken in line with the projects’ work packages and objectives.

Mrs. Jehona Lushaku, KEO Coordinator, expressed her satisfaction with the project-related activities between partners on local, regional and international levels, saying that this project will help set foundations in establishing autonomy standards in the high education in Kosovo and relevant institutions mirroring the already best practice of HEIs throughout Europe. She emphasized the importance of the STAND project on high education in Kosovo and praised the efforts of the IBC-M as coordinator, describing those as dynamic and impactful.

Erasmus+ Office in Kosovo team expressed their satisfaction with their visit to the IBC-M, with the way the coordinator has been managing the project, activities being implemented, and general atmosphere of the IBC-M team involved in the STAND project implementation.




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